I’ve hit a wall.

Hey guys! Just a short post today.

I’m in a bit of slump. I’ve been struggling with motivation this week (probably need to go back and read my own post on being determined, not motivated – I knew there’d be value in that post). I’ve barely studied, read or written anything. So I just wanted to take the time to remind you all that you will hit a wall with your goals, it’s inevitable. You’ll think everything you’re doing is a waste of time and nothing is going to change so you might as well just give up. Don’t.

This whole week I’ve said ‘oh, it’s just because I’ve been so busy this week’ and maybe that’s true, but maybe I’m self-sabotaging (I’m 100% sure it’s the latter because, as noted in a previous post, I have 17.5 hours outside of work to do the things I want to do).

So, how am I going to overcome this? I’m going to keep pushing. I’ll go back to my diary and follow my schedule. I’ll read every single day and I’ll write what I enjoy writing. I’m also going to listen to some of the podcasts that inspired me initially and I’m going to remind myself why I wanted to follow this path in the first place.

If you’ve hit a wall too, acknowledge it, analyse why it’s there (hint: you might be scared of failing) and then move on. It’s all well and good to acknowledge that you’ve hit a wall, but if you’re just going to sit at the wall and not attempt to climb over it, then you’re not going to go anywhere. The wall won’t just fall down itself.

Nat xx

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