Quick upper body workout

Today, I’m grateful for muscle memory. Don’t neglect your chest and shoulders friends! I did, albeit only for two weeks, but when I trained them again last night it felt like my entire upper body was punishing me hah! I’ve been focusing on my back heaps lately but last night I only had time for a quick 45 minute workout so I thought a cruisey upper body workout would do the trick. Turns out, it was not a cruisey workout but oh boy did it feel good! I’m at a point where I feel comfortable making up my own workouts but I’ll put the link to my absolute favourite chest/arms workout below. My quick upper body workout from last night was:

EXERCISE – 4 sets

  • 10 x bent over plate row

TRI SET – 3 sets

  • 12 x dumbbell chest fly
  • 15 x tricep dips (my personal fave)
  • 15 x alternating forward/side bicep curls

TRI SET – 3 sets

  • 20 x front raise from parallel
  • 10 x around the worlds
  • 10 x y-press

This is actually a combination of a few different Whitney Simmons workouts (find her on youtube) which I’ll post below.

My all time favourite chest/arms workout (I still do this one at the moment, I love it!):

And the shoulders one I normally do:

My quick upper body workout is a combination of these two, plus a back exercise (the first exercise).

I’m thinking of posting short videos on Instagram showing my workouts so if you’d like to see that, follow me: natalieparry_ I’ll also your feed (and your life) with inspiration both fitness and life related.

Don’t forget to be grateful lovelies x

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