This little blog here is my lifestyle blog. It’s got fitness, motivation and inspiration, education, and just helpful tips and tricks. I’m learning a lot about myself and being healthy (I’m not just talking physically) and this is where I’m going to pass on what I learn. Sharing knowledge and learning are two of the most powerful tools in the world – they should not be underestimated.

The most important thing you should know about me: I believe in the power of being grateful and I’m a realistic optimist. It’s not always going to be sunshines and rainbows over here but it’ll be pretty close. The reason I say I’m a realistic optimist is because sometimes, there is power in thinking negatively but I also believe in keeping your mind healthy. Am I making sense? No. The bottom line: I want to inspire you to achieve great things – whatever that may be for you.

I’m working my way towards having a healthy and happy lifestyle – balancing a realistic lifestyle with goals that make you want to give each day 300%. I want to have a healthy mind and body, combined with a healthy lifestyle, giving me a fulfilled life and more importantly, a happy heart. So, please join me on this journey (so cliché, I’m sorry!).

Oh, another thing: fitness is my journey. So I’ll also be sharing my workouts, reviews etc. It’s not easy being new to the fitness world and I want to inspire you all to get up and get active and be completely comfortable and confident doing it. Let’s do this!