You found me! My name is Natalie but you can call me Nat.

This little site you’ve somehow stumbled upon (maybe it was) is going to be a collection – an online library if you will – for millennials and girl bosses. As someone who LOVES to immerse herself in knowledge and entertainment, I’ve found I’m always trawling the internet, social media especially, looking for good books or podcasts that people love. It’s not always easy to do this though, spending hours searching through posts and blog amongst all he other traffic is near impossible in this busy world. SO, I’m going to help YOU by (attempting) to make a one stop site for all things books and podcast, and I’ll through in some other tips and tricks along the way.

I want to empower, motivate and educate young women so they can feel prepared to fulfil all their dreams. I also 100% believe in the power of learning and always, always, continuing to learn and challenge yourself and your brain.

Sometimes this might seem like a personal development or self-help blog, and while I don’t intend it to be like that, if that’s how you interpret my posts and use the resources I mention, I couldn’t be happier. This is a collection of all the resources I’ve found incredibly helpful, inspiring or just down-right entertaining. And hopefully, you’ll love these things as much as I do.

So, head to the menu and then go ahead and click on ‘bookshelf’ to get submerged in resources.

Nat x